Arena nimesis

Cool, colourful and super comfortable. These goggles were designed with soft, curved lenses which offer great all round vision Soft curved lens for wide. Deze comfortabele Nimesis zwembril van Arena is voorzien van grote, brede lenzen voor . Gratis bezorging retournering, snelle levering en . Buy the Arena Nimesis goggles here in a variety of colours at the best prices! Includes the Nimeses V Polarized and X-Fit versions.

Arena’s Nimesis Polarized swim goggles come up very wide but have a comfy fit and good anti-glare qualities, says 2tester James Witts. The leisure and training goggle for everyone. With oversized lenses for a perfect view and ACS (Adjust Control System) for easier adjustment. The Arena Nimesis goggle is perfect for lap swimming, open water and triathlon.

Designed for swimmers with a larger face, this goggle features liquid silicone . Extra grote lenzen; Doorzichtig silicone body; Split-band; Perfecte afdichting, hoge comfort en bescherming; Vrij van PCV’s.

This article was written by Bastiaan.