Baby float neck

Infant neck floats are said to increase the baby’s athleticism and coordination. The reality of it is that they are not safe for babies to use. Pediatrician-approved Otteroo neck float makes your baby’s transition from bath to pool easy and fun!

The full name, from Amazon’s listing, is “YOUR BABY CAN SWIM! Award-Winning Swimava Baby Neck Float and Toddler Body Ring- feature improved Safety Comfort. Favorite Bathing time activity for Baby and Parent.

Two babies trying out the very latest in pool gear.

Infants Samira and Audree are trying out the devices for the very firstĀ . At Float Baby, infants as young as weeks old can benefit from our classes. Your class reservations cancellations can be managed thru Float Baby. Links to amusing, interesting, or funny gifs from the web!