Bikini gap

Na de ‘thigh gap’ nu ook de ‘bikini bridge’: een nieuwe verontrustende trend op social media. Bikini bridge’ enthusiasts have been uploading their own images to 4chan, an image sharing site, and a Twitter feed and Tumblr dedicated to . Breathe bikini: fabric care Spandex, Lyocell, Polyester. Breathable, heathered jersey keeps . So, the thigh gap was a thing last year. The troubling part about it is that the bikini bridge trend was started as an Internet .

The Bikini Bridge is the new Thigh Gap for 2014. Summer may be over, but bikini bridges lead you back to warmth (Photos). Tunneling under the bikini bridge (Photos). Er is weer een nieuw schoonheidsideaal opgedoken: na de thigh gap is er nu de bikini bridge. En ook in deze zorgwekkende trend slaan veel . The bikini gap is when a girl has hip bones which protrude out further than her flat tummy.

So when she is wearing bikini bottoms or panties the wa. Ab Crack“, „Thigh Gap“, „Bikini Bridge“: Auf Instagram erhalten diese Schönheitstrends junger Frauenkörper Tausende Likes.