Een crinoline of hoepelrok is een kledingstuk dat door vrouwen tussen circa 1850-18gedragen werd om de vorm van de kleding een steeds wijdere . Jan de Grote Kleinvakman heeft het grootste assortiment fournituren en dus ook crinoline vele kleuren en verschillende breedten. Crinoline is een hoepelrok met stalen of rieten hoepels die de kanten onderrokken ondersteunt.

Maakte een come back zonder onderokken. Het Cultureel Woordenboek houdt je algemene ontwikkeling op peil ~ Mode – crinoline. Costume History of Victorian Crinoline, Horsehair Petticoats to Cage Crinolines of 18to Tournures. Wyk (2003), Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans, Stellenbosch (incl.

Supplement uit 2007).

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Nevertheless, crinoline offered some marked advantages over the traditional mode of dressing. It was much lighter and cooler than numerous . Buy Crinoline (3d Stereoscopic Book) by Brian May, Denis Pellerin (ISBN: 9780957424623) from Amazon’s Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders. Crinoline definition, a petticoat of haircloth or other stiff material, worn under a full skirt to keep it belled out. Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Crinoline and Hoop Petticoats.

It has been well documented that large crinolines and hoop skirts were extremely dangerous. They were constantly sweeping over open coals . Define crinoline: an open-weave fabric of horsehair or cotton that is usually stiffened and used especially for interlinings and millinery. I had been up all night, had grown stupid in consequence, and I looked upon the crinoline without analytical insight, merely girlish bewilderment: no one had . Water”, the benefit of crinoline and preservation of life’;original lithograph published March 2 18by WF Farbrother Credit: Dr Brian May . The Elliptical cage crinoline was the main support foundation for the later- and post-Civil War period of 1863-1868. Called a cage because of the cage-like . The lacing in the back generally .