Fundawear: the future of foreplay. A new innovation which keeps couples connected even when they’re apart! Fundawear is the world’s first wearable . De revolutie om elkaar te verwennen, te kietelen en te plagen via internet en je mobiel! Fundawear from Durex allows touch to be transferred over the internet.

Fundawear is a high-tech vibrating underwear that stimulates at the touch of a button, meaning long-distance relationships have never been easier. Fundawear is de toekomst van voorspel en is vooral . Ondergoed om je geliefde op afstand te plezieren. Fundawear represents the condom company’s first foray into the land of connected devices, and the name explains quite well how it works.

Durex Australia and agency Havas Worldwide in Sydney have invented Fundawear—underwear that’s fun to wear because it allows your . Every now and then a project comes along that has Snepo’s name written all over it. Fundawear for Durex is one of those projects.