Haramaki (Japanese: 腹巻, lit bellyband) are items of Japanese clothing that cover the stomach. They are worn for health and fashion reasons. Haramaki may refer to: Haramaki (armour), a type of Japanese chest armour; Haramaki (clothing), items of Japanese clothing that cover the stomach .

Europe, but it’s a style of dress that has found favour in Japan for many hundreds of years. Het is belangrijk deze organen extra te beschermen tegen de winterkou. Een mooi middel hiervoor is een haramaki, een band van stof die je . Haramaki is a type of Japanese undergarment.

It literally translates as ‘belly wrap’ (腹巻). I first learned about haramaki when shopping at . Haramaki: haramaki are traditional Japanese undergarments worn around the belly to keep warm in winter. Nukunuku = warm and cosy (Japanese). This is how we want you to feel so we brought the haramaki concept to the UK.

Haramaki translates as belly (hara) . Also called a belly-warmer, a haramaki is a simple silken sash lined with chainmail or articulated metal plates and tied about the stomach to protect it.

This article was written by Bastiaan.