Khongboon swimwear reviews

SUPER FIT, TECHNOLOGY FUNCTIONS. THESE ARE OUR BEST-SELLERS FROM OUR COLLECTION. If you’re looking for an unbiased Khongboon swimwear review that overviews the entire range and helps you to decide if this swimwear piece is for you.

One of my favorite brands this year has been Khongboon Swimwear. Their bikinis are beautiful, and they have a lot of different patterns and . KHONGBOON SWIMWEAR is a collection of handmade luxury swimwear by designer SUPAPORN KHONGBOON, inspired by travels to . Handmade Luxury Swimwear – Affordable Prices.

Remember to use the code FABCOLLABfor a discount on a Khongboon. Video : Giovanni Gammarrota Music: Mauro De Santis. I was super excited but too lazy to take pictures at first but I figure that now is the time to post my review. Loving the new bikini I got from Khongboon swimswear, it’s cheeky, fun,. Just got this amazingly hot and playful bikini from Khongboon swimwear.

When it comes to sizing, I would say their system is for smaller girls.

This article was written by Bastiaan.