Men in lycra

Mamil or MAMIL is someone who rides an expensive racing bicycle for leisure, wearing. The humble Mamil: why we need ‘middle-aged men in Lycra’. Een mamil is een ‘middle-aged-man-in-lycra’ en vooral de fietsende variant is een bron van irritatie en risico voor de verkeersveiligheid.

Pictures I like from the Internet or ones of me. If any of the images belong to you and you want them remove please let me know. MAMIL hero: The men all want to be like Tour De France winner Bradley.

Men in lycra, bubble butts and bulges to get off with.

Of Bobsled Friedrich Among Other Foxes Are Teasing Teutonic Sliders Encased In Skin-Tight Lycra. Bekijk de Mystic men-lycra surf collectie in de online shop van TelstarSurf, dé surf- en kitespecialist. Diverse lycra neopreen surfshirts voor heren in alle maten. Every weeken across the nation’s rolling countryside, watch out for the Mamils: middle-aged men in lycra. And ladies, if you have a man at . Matt Seaton: As midlife crises go, dressing up in spandex and pretending you’re in the Tour de France seems a pretty benign delusion.

A new survey by the British Heart Foundation has suggested that the thought of wearing Lycra is enough to put middle-aged people off cycling.