Nicole oliver

Nicole Lyn Oliver (born February 2 1970) is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her roles as Princess Celestia and Cheerilee in My Little Pony: . Nicole Lyn Oliver was born in Ottawa, Ontario.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University, a Masters¬†. This wasn’t uploaded on so i took the liberty to upload it! I also uploaded it here for those who are. Nicole Oliver is a voice actress in Barney and Friends.

Her most prominent roles in the series. Nicole Lyn Oliver is a Canadian actress and director. She was born on February 2 19in.

Images and sounds of the characters Nicole Oliver has played in voice over roles in cartoons, TV, movies, video games and more. Reluctant yogi, scotch lover and admirer of all things funny. Reluctant yogi and lover of all things funny.

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