Swedish goggles

The Swedes Swedish Goggles are a long-time favorite of competitive swimmers. Its unique and low-profile look is available in many colors. De Malmsten Swedish Goggle uit de Jewel Collectie is UV behandel heeft smoke gekleurde glazen en een lichte zilver spiegelende coating.

Swedish goggles are a classic and popular type of swimming goggles worn by many competitive swimmers. The original Swedish goggles were produced by . All goggles in the Jewel Collection are UV-treated and the soft coloured. Malmsten Swedish Goggles has constantly been refined and improved with the aim .

Swedish Goggles – Blue Oil Metallic . The original one, in white rubber, has to 1cm, but it won’t last. Mine broke in less of a month with periodic training. I would suggest you Silicone Goggles . I too was very skeptical about the adjustability of these and if they would be remotely comfortable.

I will tell you that I am I high school swimmer and they are . There are few greater swimming pleasures than wearing brand new goggles!

This article was written by Bastiaan.