Trinny and susannah

Get the latest style tips and beauty tutorials from Trinny and Susannah, the world’s favourite makeover queens. Tijdens de eerste twee edities van hun Missie Holland bleek . Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are two British fashion advisors, presenters and authors.

They originally joined to write a weekly style column in The . Trinny Susannah shapewear online kopen? Bestel de hele collectie discreet en snel. Trinny and Susannah, London, United Kingdom.

Welcome to the world of Trinny Susannah. This is the place to learn how to love your body, and dress to feel confident and look fabulous. Engelse stylistes trinny en susannah. What Not to Wear’ hosts Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodwall in 20(left) and . The straight-talking, boob-grabbing presenters of the BBCs What Not To Wear ruthlessly slammed the wardrobes (and bodies) of Britain’s men .